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Introduction and a look at writing

Writing is hard. This blog will be about the various projects that I am working on and a catchall for the fun times that are to come. I will begin this by talking about me, then I will move into talking about my writing process.

Me: I am an early career writer. I live in Southern California. I graduated California State University Long Beach with an MFA in Creative Writing with a Focus in Poetry. I will try to include poetic talks as well. I grew up in the High Desert of California surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes around. That upbringing created my love for the natural world and everything that it encompassed. I moved into Orange County for college and fell in love with the lifestyle of being in a big city and having the conveniences all around me.

My Writing: My poetry deals in themes of life and death with the feelings that Romantic or Transcendentalist poets had. My writing is more whimsical because it plays in the realms of Fantasy, Romance, and finding where one belongs. It is currently a hobby but within a year I want to be making some money from it, and within 5 I would like to be living comfortably with an unstable day job, then within 7 years, I want to fully support myself with writing. 10-15 I would ideally want to support myself and my partner with it.

Life is crazy. My process has followed the ebb and flow of the times. 2020 was rough and honestly mentally I'm still recovering from that year. I am currently working on several projects including rewriting my ideal first book, editing a second book that is a first book in a contemporary fantasy series. Behind the proverbial stove is the poetry book created from my Masters program's works.

Thank you for reading this. Follow this blog for more of this stuff and a deeper look into writing! You're amazing and supporting my passion and hopefully future me's career!

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