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This is where you'll find other projects!

Thank you for visiting this page! Here you'll find my other hobbies lined up. Some of these posts have been cold for a while, while I learn how to adult properly. Some may come back! Keep an eye here for all things Christopher.

Other Projects: Welcome

Tea Time Preview

A tea time blog

Welcome travelers. We have the kettle started. Rest and relax. There will be plenty of tea for everyone. The coffee is in the back, down the stairs, on the other side of the site. (I think)

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Ironlands-Ironlands-Map_Color 1 page1024

Tallyden Mystic Journals

An Ironsworn Solo Tabletop RPG journal.

Follow the tenacious Tallyden on his journey to becoming a mystic and solving the mystery of the iron pillars that dot the Ironlands.

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tea wolf final.png

Chiefwerewlf Games

A place where I share gaming experiences

Welcome to the pack! I have been gaming for most of my life and finally I hope to find a group of friends to game with.

Website Coming Soon
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